Music at  ST MARY'S   Perivale

Covid risk mitigation table.



Audience members arriving with Covid

Statement on website and notices stating that those with Covid symptoms must stay away. Anyone with obvious symptoms such as persistent cough will be refused entry and recommended to take a test.
People who are unvaccinated, or particularly vulnerable, should stay away and watch the concert at home via our live-streaming service.
Risk to volunteers at box office Plastic screen installed. Volunteers recommended to wear Visors
Virus on surfaces

Hand sanitizer will be provided and much used surfaces such as door handles, box office surface and piano keys will be cleaned regularly
St Mary's will be cleaned thoroughly once a week
St Mary's will move to a cashless operation
Use of WC will be limited as concert is one hour. Separate hand towels will be provided

Adequate ventilation

Porch door will be left open whilst weather permits.
Noted that church has high ceilings and that concerts only last one hour
CO2 monitors now installed to check air quality and ventilation at all concerts.
If necessary fan can be installed in vestry

Risk of musicians importing Covid

Musicians with covid symptoms must stay away and their concert will be cancelled. This will be emphasized in their preconcert instructions.
Musicians to change in Museum, with open window while weather permits.
Musicians will walk to perform on stage and then walk back to vestry. They will be instructed that they must not socialise with the audience inside the church, but can do so outside, after the concert.

Risk of infection among audience

Audience will not generally be admitted to the church until 20 minutes before the concert.
Audience will be encouraged to fill the front rows first, but this will be left to their discretion. The front row has been pushed back further from stage
Audience will be asked to take their seat directly, and not congregate for social purposes near the porch
Audience will be asked to leave building row by row with the back first, to avoid congestion on leaving the church.
Audience will be encouraged to wear masks but it will not be compulsory.
Anyone feeling uncomfortable about sitting with unmasked audience members will be allowed to sit at back in empty rows
There will no refreshments offered
The limit in numbers will be 56, but it was noted that much smaller numbers are expected for most concerts.

Risk of infection amongst volunteers

Volunteers told not to come to building if they have Covid symptoms, unless they have had a negative PCR test
If they test positive they must tell Hugh Mather and state when last in building

Confirmed case of Covid Building shut for 72 hours and then thoroughly cleaned.

Version prepared on 23 / 8 / 21

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